Directly from the winemaker to your home
Directly from the winemaker to your home
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Vin Rouge Bio, Richard Dal Canto, IGP Alpilles
Richard Dal Canto

Richard Dal Canto - Venino

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Richard Dal Canto

IGP Alpilles - Noves

Light red wine for your aperitifs

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Venino is an organic red wine made on a clay-limestone soil, made up of silt and pebbles. The terroir allows a regular water supply all year round.

The harvest is done manually and in boxes with sorting and the vinification is done with the assembled grape varieties in vatting, without yeasting or any other input with shedding at the start of fermentation. Then, we proceed to a light punching down. The vatting is short, around 6 days vatted on sugars. Afterwards, the organic red wine goes into vats on lees for 8 months with a strong presence of co2 from fermentation.

The Venino is an organic wine on the fruit which is very indulgent. The palate is full-bodied with good length and discrete tannins. The Venino is best consumed lightly chilled and with or without decanting.

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